Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Resolutions? No thanks, just prop bets

Hi guys,

I am gonna differ from the usual new year's resolution of creating a huge list of goals etc.
Generally, I am very enthusiastic overall as a person and I know that if I set various goals I will try to make all of them.
If you remember from a previous post, I have been burnt out chasing goals and targets. So, I decided not to do any this year.
First, I don't want to be disappointed if I don't meet my goals, and also I don't want to lose focus from improving at poker by chasing gym goals or VPPs to make supernova.
Of course, the ultimate target is to make Supernova this year, I think is doable if I focus on my game, improve and move up stakes slowly. The VPPs will come along with moving up.
The only thing that I will try to keep up with is try to grind and study, and do small VPPs goals on monthly basis.
I am very positive with all the above, came back fresh from holiday and I am in a very "let's grind" mood. Along with that, I am very happy that I have a couple of people that we will help each other and study together. It's important and also very motivating.

Now, the degenerate news :P
I am slowly becoming a true "poker" player who makes sick proposition bets with my poker friends. I was talking with "Pepe Stevee" another grinder and good friend and I decided to challenge him on a weight loss bet. He told me that he wants to lose some weight, and what could be more motivating and challenging by doing a prop bet about it? He said what results he wanted to get by summer time ( new year resolutions)so what I did was to set a more difficult target for him and also offered to put some money on the line too.
It sounds crazy to bet a decent sum of money on a bet that I won't have any control over it or I can affect in any way however, it is difficult to lose 15kg in 6months.
I am excited with that challenge, wish me luck about it and let's hope that I win it.

Back to poker, I need to get back to grinding and I will be updating you about it as soon as possible. Can  I make this as my NY resolution?

Good luck at the tables